NFT trade volume approached half of the global mobile market!

With the new revenue model developed by mobile cloud company in Silicon Valley, game developers will increase their profit margins by 25%. In an environment where NFT trading volume is growing rapidly, developers will also be able to provide players with NFT buying and trading methods.

Mobile cloud company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, introduced its new payment and revenue model. Designing a brand new gaming experience for developers and users,’s model, which will enable developers to significantly increase their income, will combine cloud top-up payments with NFT-based revenue model. This approach will be the first of its kind for mobile games available in the Apple and Google app stores. Cloud top-up payments will give game developers 95% cuts from in-app purchases, increasing their existing margins by 25% from currently paying users. The NFT-based model of monetization through gift cards and follower artwork will create new revenue opportunities for game developers through currently non-paying users.

“Game developers deserve a new revenue model”

Rosen Sharma, CEO of, said, “There are two big trends affecting game developers. The first is the so-called IDFA, identifiers traditionally used by advertisers, such as cookies, that measure how individuals interact with ads. IDFA raises customer acquisition costs,” he said. Noting that the other trend is the boom in volume in NFT, Rosen Sharma said, “NFT trade volume exceeds $4 billion per month, which corresponds to almost half of the global mobile market on an annual basis. In the face of this huge volume, game developers also deserve a new revenue model. The mobile cloud offers new channels for NFT-based revenue generation, greatly increasing the profit margins of game developers. We believe this will present a much larger monetization opportunity than the current in-app and app store models. We think that the increase in the margins of the developers and the freedom of the users will positively affect the future of the game world.”

In 2022, the mobile game market will reach 29.1 billion dollars

Rosen Sharma, who said that developed cloud payments in response to the global increase in the popularity of mobile games, low-margin app store policies and the explosion of NFT commerce, said, “Although it is estimated that the mobile game market will reach 29.1 billion dollars in 2022, mobile gamers today only 5% make in-app purchases, which is not very profitable for developers. Cloud top-up payments significantly increase the margin from users who choose this payment type. All game developers have to do is to install’s cloud payment infrastructure Thus, players can make top-up payments using real money or cryptocurrencies such as BTC, TC, ETH, DOGE from the developer’s website.”

New revenue stream for game developers

Stating that the NFT market opens the door to a completely new revenue stream for game developers by targeting 95% of currently non-paying users, CEO continued: “The marketplace allows users to buy, trade and hold digital collectibles. This combination, which brings higher margins and new revenue sources, is not possible with current app store policies.” Reminding that, which is about to capture 1 billion minutes of gameplay per year, was established to empower developers and offer players a completely new mobile gaming experience, Rosen Sharma said, “We will increase the reach of game developers by allowing them to create, share and monetize their games in the cloud instead of applications. “We are changing its potential and business model significantly.”

Both income and interaction

Bai Xue, producer of popular mobile games Perfect World, said in a statement about the new model, “The mobile player profile is transforming with generations. In other words, who plays mobile games where, where and how is constantly changing.’s cloud payments are only new for developers. “Not only does it provide a source of income, it also provides more meaningful ways to engage non-paying customers.”

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