Nokia 5.1 Plus Security Features

In our previous articles, we talked about the advantages of Android One. Nokia 5.1 Plus can offer a secure Android experience thanks to the security updates it receives on time.

On the phone’s settings menu, under the Security and Location heading, you can view all security features together and make the most appropriate choices for you. The first thing that draws attention on this menu is the security status. You can view security updates provided by Google, browsing data of Google Play Protect and Find My Device features.

Nokia 5.1 Plus can get monthly security updates quickly with Google support. Security patches can be installed automatically, and you can also scan to check for the latest version.

Google Play Protect, on the other hand, helps your device stay safe with its application scans. The control tool scans every application you download and takes quick action in case of a negative situation.

In the Device Security menu, your preferences determine the security level of the phone. You can set the screen lock, adjust the display levels of notifications when the phone is locked, identify your fingerprint to the phone, and set up Smart Lock devices.

You can either create a PIN code for the screen lock or draw. Creating a screen lock is important because you can easily unlock the phone this way when you cannot read your fingerprint. You can safely unlock the Nokia 5.1 Plus by quickly scanning your fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

Smart Lock, on the other hand, allows you to customize the security level of your phone. You can keep the phone unlocked all the time while you are on it. Or you can keep it unlocked in secure locations like home and office.

You can add other trusted devices (for example, your laptop) and have these devices automatically unlocked when they are nearby.

Another important secure lock is the Face recognition feature on this menu. By adding your face to the phone, you can quickly unlock the Nokia 5.1 Plus without swiping a fingerprint or entering a PIN.

You can find the Nokia 5.1 Plus model at this link.

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