Nuts industry is transforming

While technology is changing the dynamics of the business world, digital transformation investments continue unabated. Global digital transformation spending, which is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by the end of this year, is expected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025. The increasing consumption in the pandemic is also directing the dried nuts industry to smart technologies.

With the pandemic and developing technologies, the dynamics of the business world are changing. While speed and efficiency of operational processes gain importance from decision making to purchasing processes, digital transformation becomes a necessity for companies. Statista’s data on the subject indicates that digital transformation investments will reach 1.8 trillion dollars at the end of this year and 2.8 trillion dollars in 2025, while companies that want to make their products easily accessible for consumers integrate digitalization into their production stages. The increasing consumption in the pandemic is directing the nuts sector to smart technologies, like many other sectors.

Stating that they have significantly increased their product capacity with digital transformation, Çitlekçi Kuruyemiş 3rd Generation Manager Volkan Tunç evaluated the issue with the following words: “Digital transformation is not only a necessity caused by technological developments, but also a necessity in order to provide solutions to increasing consumer demands at the same time. As Çitlekçi Kuruyemiş, which has the most high-tech sunflower seed factory in Turkey, we first determined which products our citizens consume the most, and then we blended our production in this field with today’s technology. In this way, we have become ready with our infrastructure for all kinds of crises such as pandemics, and we have reached the product capacity to meet consumer demands.”

Digital transformation rejuvenates the nut industry

Noting that consumers prefer easier ways instead of multi-step purchases and that companies that switch to the new generation production model are one step ahead, Volkan Tunç said, “With the development of technology, the sectors are both getting younger and renewed. That’s why we take care to form our teams from the young generation in order to understand the demands of the consumers correctly. As a company operating since 1979, we are producing a new model with our young team by integrating our ‘quality product’ principle with digital transformation. We see that this model both increases production capacity and facilitates access to consumers locally and globally,” he said.

Demand for the core increased by 60% in the pandemic

Stating that our country has become an authority in the global dried nuts market with its modern production models, Çitlekçi Kuruyemiş 3rd Generation Manager Volkan Tunç said, “The increase in the time spent at home, especially with the pandemic, intensified the demands for dried nuts consumption. While the consumption of raw nuts in healthy food increased by 50%, the demand for kernels increased by 60%. We aim to represent our country, which has a large share in the nuts export of many countries, with our international projects designed as Çitlekçi Kuruyemiş, which has an innovation and success award, and to meet the increasing demands with our wide product capacity. We think that this growth will trigger store chain formations in the coming period and open new employment areas.”

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