NVIDIA Expands List of G-Sync Compatible Monitors

In early 2019, NVIDIA started testing various gaming monitors to provide better gaming experience with its GeForce GPU. Initially, the company tested 400 monitors and said only 12 of them met the standards. Now, NVIDIA has increased the number of ‘G-Sync Compatible’ monitors to 28.

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Initially, he started testing for a basic VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) experience. The company said that the 273 monitors tested did not meet the desired VRR range, meaning that people using these monitors are unlikely to enjoy all the benefits of GeForce graphics cards. The company stated that the other 202 monitors tested also had poor quality display problems such as jitters and gaps. It seems that 55% of the monitors that NVIDIA has tested have refresh rates below 75 Hz. That’s why VRR is not enabled in games with high framerates.

Still, the updated list of ‘G-Sync Compatible’ monitors is double what it used to be. We will now have more options including monitors from Acer, Agon, Asus, Benq, Hp, Dell and LG. Previously, many monitors were only FreeSync certified. The company stated that it will continue to test the newly released adaptive sync monitors and will add those that pass the test to the list of G-Sync Compatible monitors.

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