NVIDIA Will Gift Quake II RTX Demo On June 6

As technology advances, companies try to find new solutions and reach further points. One of the last products of these studies is ray tracing technology, which greatly improves the graphics quality of games.


This new technology of Nvidia basically works like this: Light rays follow a certain path on the image plane. In this system, which creates an image by tracing these rays (ray), the graphic quality increases considerably.

It is clear that this technology will affect new games, but it is revealed in the trials that it provides great improvement for old games as well. The demo with Quake II at GDC was watched by quite a few people on YouTube. Starting June 6, Nvidia will give away the limited edition version of the game, Quake II RTX, for free.

Nvidia’s Jeff Fisher announced that the company’s Lightspeed Studios have added realistic lighting effects to the game. In the new version, the lights are more realistic, the image is more elegant, indirect lighting and reflections in the water are also included in the system. As a result, this 22-year-old classic game gets a brand new look.


The first 3 levels will be playable in the free version of Quake II RTX. It will be possible to get this version from the Nvidia website or via Steam. If you have Quake II, you will be able to have the RTX version of the game for free.

Nvidia also plans to prepare a package for Wolfenstein: Youngblood and put it on sale with new graphics cards, but neither price nor date information has been shared on this subject.

You can watch the video of the game below and see the difference between the graphics.

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