NZXT Takes Its First Step Into The Thermal Paste Market

Thermal pastes between processors and GPUs and heatsinks are used to increase cooling performance. This is especially important when building a new PC or doing general maintenance. There is a huge selection of products on the market today. NZXT, on the other hand, launched its first thermal paste with its product called High-performance Thermal Paste.

In recent years some esoteric pastes made with materials such as diamond and liquid metal (which can be dangerous due to electrical conductivity and chemical reactions with aluminum) have appeared. NZXT’s standard putty solution is electrically conductive and non-corrosive, yet easy to apply.

NZXT says its paste uses zinc oxide, liquid polymer and aluminum material. The paste, which comes across as a “high-performance” option, has the same thermal conductivity as Arctic MX-5. In other words, it is possible to say that it is a fairly sufficient thermal paste for general use. As for pricing, the 3-gram product is $9.99 and the 15-gram product is $19.99.

thermal conductivity 6.3 W/mk
Density (g/cc) 3.5
Viscosity/consistency (mPa.s) 35~220×103
Colour Grey
Lifetime 3 years shelf life
Quantity 15g ($19.99), 3g ($9.99)

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