One out of every two companies will benefit from smart technologies in HR management!

The new generation ways of doing business that came with the pandemic revealed the importance of smart technologies in Human Resources management. According to the Next Generation HR Management and Digitization Journey Analysis research conducted by Detaysoft, one out of every two companies plans to invest in smart technologies and switch to a hybrid working order after the pandemic.

The digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic has also affected the Human Resources (HR) management. Companies have begun to adapt an HR approach, in which employee experience stands out, to the new normal. Companies investing in new generation smart technologies, which cover all processes in HR management, from recruitment to performance and target management, can manage and enrich employee experience based on data.

Companies will manage employee experience with next-generation smart technologies

Detaysoft, Global Platinum business partner of SAP, one of the world’s leading technology companies, with 100% Turkish capital, conducted a research titled Next Generation HR Management and Digitization Journey Analysis in order to reveal which smart technologies organizations need to improve their HR processes. According to the results of the research, one out of every two companies (48%) plans to switch to a hybrid working order (47%) by investing in smart technologies after the pandemic. In this transition, it is stated that it is of great importance to automate all HR processes and to base employee experience on data. 72% of companies use technology to manage basic HR processes and 32% to create collaborative workspaces.

There is a place for smart technologies in the roadmap drawn by companies to improve their HR processes.

The Next Generation HR Management and Digitization Journey Analysis research conducted by Detaysoft in cooperation with SAP and PERYÖN in the 3rd quarter of this year reveals how much technology companies use to create a new roadmap in HR management. According to the research donated to TOÇEV on behalf of the participants, 39% of companies use data to measure employee experience, while 41% receive technology support to improve employee experience. On the other hand, one out of every two HR managers participating in the research states that the operation processes take up most of their time.

Detaysoft General Manager Alkin Aksoy made the following assessment regarding the results of the research: “Digital transformation requires companies to create a human-oriented corporate culture for sustainable growth. The results of our research reveal the inevitability of technological investments in this transformation. The rise of innovative technologies and data-driven solutions are enabling the transition to a more holistic employee experience. It increases the mobility of HR management in terms of improving the employee experience, finding the right talent, raising future leaders and ensuring employee engagement.”

Stating that the innovative steps in the digital transformation roadmap of HR will carry companies to a sustainable future, Aksoy said, “As Detaysoft, we offer smart solutions that improve business processes in the field of human resources. HR and Employee Engagement HxM | SAP SuccessFactors solution brings a transparent and digital HR approach. We digitize all processes, from recruiting employees to the system as candidates to remote management of all processes, from increasing employee performance to conducting internal communication through a single platform. We automate business processes and provide management from a single center with human resources applications such as e-Health, e-SGK, SGK Incentive, which are among our e-transformation solutions that we produce in our R&D center.” he added.

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