OnePlus 7 Pro Proves the Robustness of Its Front Camera (Video)

More and more smartphone manufacturers are trying to develop bezel-less smartphones every day. There are currently two different design concepts for frameless smartphones; retractable front camera and slider design. Considering all the frameless screen phones that have been introduced so far, we can say that the pop-up front camera is the most popular concept.


Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus also preferred the pop-up front camera on its latest flagship, the OnePlus 7 Pro. While this choice allows the device to offer an excellent screen-to-body ratio, the durability of a mechanical module is a big question mark for consumers. OnePlus has released a new video to dispel concerns about the durability of the new flagship’s pop-up camera module.

The video shows the lifting of a beta die weighing 22.3 kilograms. Moreover, this concrete mold is removed with a hook that attaches to the pop-up camera module of the OnePlus 7 Pro. With this video, OnePlus removes the question marks about the durability of the flagship.

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