Online trading platform provides one-day VIP access to assets

The time savings that came with working remotely during the pandemic period led individuals to acquire new occupations outside of their main profession. The data of the research conducted by Bankrate in the USA draws attention to the fact that 45% of the participants have taken up new occupations, while 27% of these people point out that their goal is to earn additional income for saving. The financial investment environment, which has developed with new applications such as online trading platforms, allows individuals to earn additional income from their savings.

With the widespread use of remote work, it is the new trend of the business world for employees to take advantage of their increased time or take up different occupations by turning to timeless jobs. Globally, many people are now creating various channels to earn additional income, either by doing additional work or through their hobbies. In this process, different instruments of the financial world come to the fore. Bankrate’s research on the subject in the USA indicates that 45% of the participants are looking for an additional income other than their main occupation, while 27% of these people aim to earn additional income for savings. According to the research, while the most common ways of earning additional income and evaluating the saved budget are experiences such as podcasts, blogs, and training in online intermediaries, it is seen that the demands for additional income alternatives in the field of investment are increasing. Among these options, practices such as crypto, stock and real estate investments are among the first choices of investors in search. Among the participants, the interest of people looking for different software and applications of the financial world in e-commerce platforms is on the rise.

Binomo, the online trading platform that organizes many activities around the world for those who want to earn additional income from their savings, announced the campaign that will be held on June 17, 2022. Noting that users with different account types will be able to use the VIP facilities of the platform for 1 day through the campaign, the online trading platform stated that by evaluating the VIP advantages of the participants, they can either participate in a special tournament or trade with more assets. In the statement, it was noted that real account holders can participate in the campaign without applying, while demo account users must apply and deposit at least 10 dollars until 23:59 on 16 June.

74 assets are available for one day

Latif Özdemir, the online trading platform Binomo Turkey Business Development Director, who stated that the contestants had the chance to evaluate different assets during a day through the campaign, shared the following information on the subject: can earn additional income. Of course, the advantages of the competitors will not be limited to these. Participants will have access to all 74 assets for one day, with profitability of some assets up to 90%. Apple, EUR/HKD and Netflix will be at the top of these assets.”

10% of failed transactions can be undone within 5 days

Latif Özdemir said that 10% of unsuccessful trades can be recovered within 5 days after the 24-hour VIP experience on 17 June. On our online platform, where we process more than 30 million transactions per week, we open the door to different applications of the financial world for those who want to earn additional income. In addition to creating different alternatives to gain financial literacy and earn additional income, we are also creating many channels such as the tournament on June 17, which we organized for the VIP investment experience. Before trading on our online trading platform, we recommend that users develop their own financial skills, thanks to such events, they both expand globally and discover the digital channels of the investment ecosystem.”

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