Outdated Devices Used to Advertise Apple Products

For many of us, iPhones or Apple Watches are more than just a device we use for work or play. We share our lives with these devices, and the experiences or memories we gain are reflected in us with scratches and fingerprints on the device. New York-based photographer Elvin Hu’s new project brings to light the underrepresented human side of technology.


Tech products in advertising campaigns are often mirrored as they appear in their best form. But we all know that a few minutes after taking the device out of the box, our device is threatened by scratches and fingerprints. According to Hu, these traces and imperfections left on devices by people are worth mentioning: “Just like five fingers are not the same, mass-produced products become personalized after use and begin to carry traces unique to their owner. That’s why none of them are the same.”


Used devices evoked strong emotions in people who saw the photos and caused them to experience nostalgia. A perfect photo of the same device doesn’t seem to have the same effect, Hu said. In other words, the thing that identifies the memories with the devices is the traces, breaks, scratches on it…

(If you want to take a look at Elvin Hu’s work, you can find his website here and his Instagram account here.)

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