Palu Family Will Be A Horror Movie

Ankara International Film Festival met with moviegoers. The most striking film in the activities and promotions was the Sisters. The movie was watched for the second time as it was highly appreciated by the moviegoers. The director of the movie, Emin Alper, answered the questions of the audience after the screening and made some explanations.


Answering the questions received, Alper stated that he did not agree with the comments of some critics that the film was made as a wave, and that it was just a different film. When asked whether the subject of the movie has anything to do with him, he stated that he grew up in Berlin and that his childhood was spent with feedings.


Emin Alper gave the horror movie suggestion from the audience: “I have a project. I will make a horror movie about the Palu family.” explained as. Palu family, who appeared in the program called Tatlı Sert with Müge Anlı, applied to the program after their grandchildren disappeared in 2008, as it is known. As a result of the developments, the Palu family was on the agenda of Turkey and they occupied the agenda for a long time. The Palu family, which was out of the agenda with the broadcast ban brought by RTÜK, came to the fore again with the subject of Emin Alper’s horror movie.

Time will tell if Emin Alper makes this movie, but if the Palu family movie, which is on Turkey’s agenda, is made, it may even be sold out.

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