Panasonic Launches Endurance Focused TOUGHBOOK Devices in Turkey

Panasonic has announced that the 14-inch TOUGHBOOK 40, which is suitable for the defense industry, law enforcement and public services, and the best selling fully durable TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet with 5G support are on sale in Turkey.

Thanks to its modular design with 7 expansion areas, TOUGHBOOK 40, whose parts can be changed quickly and easily according to the most difficult conditions, can be used even in the most difficult conditions with military-level security and communication facilities that facilitate operations.

TOUGHBOOK 40, which offers a lifespan of approximately 18 hours in a single battery and approximately 36 hours with two replaceable batteries without turning off the device, has 4 more expansion areas for RAM, SSD, smart card and fingerprint readers. These areas can be used for inputs such as VGA, True Serial, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A and second HDMI or internal GLAN, in addition to second SSD, DVD and Blu-ray drives.


The device can be used in the vehicle or standing up. Likewise, it helps in diagnosing components of vehicles, performing maintenance and training. The device also offers an ideal use for processes such as routing, identifying the license plate or suspect in law enforcement and border controls. In the automotive and agricultural industries, it becomes the perfect tool for technicians who diagnose and repair trucks or large machinery, on the roadside or in the field. In utilities, engineers can use TOUGHBOOK 40 for inspections and maintenance schedules of pipelines, solar panels and power plants.

TOUGHBOOK 40 with Windows 11 secure cores, Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7 vPro® processor (optional Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® processor), 16GB RAM (up to 64GB options) and quick-swappable standard 512GB NVMe OPAL SSD (2TB) It comes with options up to . It also features quick-swappable NATO-approved VIASAT self-encrypting security drives, the ability to be used with MIL connectors and assembly stations, and a one-touch Stealth Mode function to instantly cut off light and electronic transmissions while working.

The high-brightness Full HD touch screen automatically detects the difference between the touch screen pen, finger, glove and wet skin, and instantly switches to the most appropriate usage mode. The newly designed touchpad has two physical mouse buttons that can work even when wearing gloves and when it’s raining. Thanks to the two-finger operation, users can easily perform even the most complex operations in the field.

TOUGHBOOK 40 features the latest communication possibilities such as 5G as well as eSIM to switch between mobile carriers without changing sims and LTE. The device, which can be used with all major GPS navigation systems, also offers WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. Waves MaxxAudio® stereo speakers highlight the human voice for effective communication in the field and ensure conversations take place smoothly even in noisy environments. The new quad microphone, with artificial intelligence and noise reduction, does not reflect the noise in the environment to the opposite side.

TOUGHBOOK 40 takes the durability to new levels with its IP66 level against water and dust. The device, which meets military standards against heat, humidity and vibration, can continue to work even after 26 falls from a height of 180 cm.

Supporting new generation technologies, TOUGHBOOK G2 is also compatible with previous generation systems.

A versatile tool for mobile workers, TOUGHBOOK G2 with 5G support includes eSIM, long-term connectivity for those working in the field, increased performance, doubled RAM and storage. The device, which has a bright screen, also offers increased security as a Microsoft Secured-Core PC. It offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use, with additional user-replaceable expansion slot space to add contact and contactless smart card readers, and three customizable buttons on the display front bezel for quick click.


In addition to the TOUGHBOOK G2, Standard version, there is a Quick Release SSD model for sensitive sectors such as healthcare, law enforcement and defense. The device can also be equipped with an optional backlit keyboard with an additional USB Type-A and Type-C ® ports. TOUGHBOOK G2 comes with a rich ecosystem of custom accessories, including hand straps, shoulder straps and bags with sterilizable options, as well as tool docking stations for use with or without a keyboard.

TOUGHBOOK G1 and TOUGHBOOK 20 users can continue to use most of these accessories with the TOUGHBOOK G2, thanks to its backward compatibility. TOUGHBOOK G2 becomes the ideal device for many mobile jobs in various industries. It offers 4G connectivity, serial port, 2nd LAN, flexible features for barcode reader or thermal imaging, and extended battery life of up to 18.5 hours for field service maintenance and repair. It offers a 2MP front camera with Windows Hello capability for office callbacks, an 8MP rear camera with LED flash for photographing documents, and a digitizer pen to capture the correct biometric signature, as well as fully equipped for reporting and customer face-to-face interaction.

In the construction industry, it can be used for site management, planning and controls thanks to its powerful 10th Gen Intel® CoreTM processor (Quad Core) with Intel® vPro® technology and 16 GB RAM (optional 32 GB). When attached to the optional desktop cradle, it can easily replace a PC at the construction site with the possibility of outputting to two external displays in 4K resolution.

In the transport sector, it offers an ideal use for personnel and aircraft ground support personnel, from car recovery to rail train and track maintenance and rail drivers (electronic rail bags). Offering 1000cd/m² controllable touch screen brightness for easy viewing in any environment, TOUGHBOOK G2 has a completely rugged construction and IP65 rating.

With new features such as eSIM and 5G, as well as increased performance, double the amount of RAM and storage, the TOUGHBOOK G2 is the ideal device for mobile workers. Equipped with an optional backlit keyboard with additional USB Type-A and Type-C ® ports, the device can be easily used in different ways. When presenting or carrying, it can become a regular laptop and be mounted on a desk or in a vehicle.

Dirk Weigelt, Product Manager for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Area Europe, said: “The TOUGHBOOK 40 and TOUGHBOOK G2 are the biggest helpers in challenging environments for employees working in many different sectors, from public services to law enforcement, from logistics to field services. With the new technologies it supports, teams can continue to stay in touch with the main center or other teams at any time while on the field. I have no doubt that TOUGHBOOK 40 and G2, which are preferred by many companies around the world, will also greatly help the teams in Turkey.”

Dirk Weigelt

Netex AŞ General Manager Erhan Doğan said, “As Turkey’s strongest distributor of value-added technology products, we are happy to undertake the distribution of Panasonic’s most durable and advanced TOUGHBOOK products in our country. As Netex AŞ, we have been distributing the products of world technology giants since our establishment in 1996, and Panasonic and TOUGHBOOK are also at this level.”

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