Panasonic to Continue Partnership with Huawei

At the beginning of the week, the United States had taken sanctions decisions regarding Huawei. Immediately after the sanction decisions, Google announced that Huawei’s Android license was terminated, and it fell like a bomb on the agenda. Qualcomm and Intel, which are critical for Huawei in the process, also announced that they have ended their partnership with Huawei. Statements from the parties were not interrupted, Huawei announced that it would offer its own operating system to the users. As of yesterday, Japanese company Panasonic was added to the technology manufacturers that ended their partnership with Huawei. However, Panasonic announced that it has abandoned this decision and announced that it will continue its partnerships with Huawei.


In the statements made by Panasonic, it was stated that the United States’ claims about Huawei were examined and as a result of the investigations, it would continue its partnerships with Huawei. Stating that everything is proceeding normally according to Japanese laws, Japanese technology giant Panasonic announced that they will continue to help their Chinese partners.

Immediately after the statements made by Panasonic, Huawei released a statement on the subject. In the published statement, it was underlined that the Panasonic partnership is very important for Huawei and that they work together on many products. In addition, all companies that did not leave Huawei as a result of these events were thanked.

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