Pandemic has increased investment in online education technologies

The pandemic introduced a compulsory transformation process in education. As education turns into a personalized and data-based experience independent of time and place, the need for security in online exams has increased. In the global online education market approaching 90 billion dollars, domestic startups offer end-to-end security with online exam security technologies. While these technologies save companies time and money, they also guide their future strategies.

The pandemic has digitized education as well as many other fields. 1.6 billion students, 90% of the world’s student population, have met online education. The research, prepared by the Australian-based global research and intelligence company Holon IQ, shows that investments in the global online education market, which approached $ 90 billion in 2020, exceeded $ 20 billion in 2021. With accelerating investments, the market is expected to double by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20%.

Stating that the digitalization process brought about by the pandemic has transformed education into a personal, data-based experience independent of time and space, Witwiser’s Co-Founder and CEO Volkan Baran said, “The use of advanced security technologies in online exam systems has become a necessity. As a local startup that specializes in software solutions supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, we brought together many universities and certification centers with advanced education technologies during the pandemic. In January, we signed two successful collaborations. With our online exam and artificial intelligence-supported online exam security systems we have developed, we have brought end-to-end security to the measurement and evaluation processes of Career Plus, a youth organization that brings together companies in the fast moving consumer goods, banking, engineering and finance sectors with talented candidates. We have integrated our advanced security technologies into the online exam system of Mersin University Vocational School.”

Operational workload decreased by 70%

Volkan Baran made the following evaluation regarding the service they provide to Career Plus and Mersin University Vocational School: “Career Plus has conducted the general ability and English exams of 1,500 pre-selected candidates transparently by using our online exam technologies during the measurement and evaluation stages. By automating the entire process, we reduced the operational workload of the institution by approximately 70%. The secure solution we offer has resulted in cost and time savings. There was also a significant increase in student applications. We have integrated our advanced security technology into the online exam system for Mersin University Vocational School, which has received a rapid reaction to the increasing number of cases, and gave the exams a controlled structure. The university conducted 1,495 sessions safely. In addition to this experience, which eliminates the transportation and accommodation costs of students living in different cities across Turkey, we also provided double added value thanks to the reduction in the operational costs of the university.

Institutions gained a safe and sustainable structure

Stating that online exam security technologies provide a safe and sustainable structure to organizations such as universities and certification centers, as well as to online recruitment and promotion exam processes, Witwiser’s Founding Partner and CEO Volkan Baran said: While strengthening the equality of opportunity in the evaluation process, it made the learning process even more efficient. The rapid spread of the Omicron variant further accelerated this process. Institutions that are open to digital transformation have adapted to the process much more quickly with online exam security technologies. Considering that the pandemic will take place in our lives for a long time, we can say that institutions that adapt online exam security technologies to their systems with the user habits that become digital day by day are in an advantageous position in terms of future strategies.

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