Paramanya invites its players to the June Update!

Paramanya, one of Turkey’s most popular strategy games, is starting June with a new update.

Paramanya is starting June with a new update. While presenting beautiful events to its players, it will also distribute prizes. With the June Update, a special event has been prepared for players who have just started the game and want to obtain a new character card. Accordingly, during the period from June 9 to July 7, players will be able to exchange them for either S+ Kirin or S+ Black Maia cards when they collect ‘Event Card’ themed cards by purchasing card packs from the store. For cards obtained during the event period, 300 diamonds will also be earned at the end of the event.

Event time with June Update

All players who finish the game with Ranked Victory, Color Victory and Tourist Victory between June 9 – 16 will be able to win 5 Premium Character Card Packs. On June 16, the event will be active again, and until June 23, players will have a chance to win rewards again.

In addition to the victories and the rewards for winning the game, the number of Game/Play Events will increase and the rewards will increase. The rewards of this event, which ranges from 3 to 10 games a day, are as follows;

3 Game/Play: 3-Pack of Premium Cards
5 Games/Play: 50,000 Gold
10 Games/Play: Legendary Cube

Players who want to enjoy the hidden Gold Event on the map will also wait for the Hidden Gold Event from 22:30 to 00:30 every Wednesday from 9 June to 7 July.

Paramanya also reflects the rewards and bonuses that will make all players happy in the Shop.

Players who want to go on a journey into the depths of space and discover the hidden prizes are looking forward to Space Travel, which will open on June 9th.

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