Pay As You Go with High Productivity Digital Transformation

Univera introduced the highly anticipated new cloud-based software service Varuna. Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli stated that they have brought high productivity to the new generation software solution Varuna with their knowledge of nearly 30 years and said, “Varuna, which we developed based on HPaPaaS, is the first ready-to-use field service management solution. The global field service management market is expected to grow by approximately 20% per year over the next 5 years. In this growing market, we offer companies a customizable, scalable and efficient solution with Varuna’s pay-as-you-go service model.”

Developing corporate technology solutions, Univera has brought a new software to the sector with its knowledge of nearly 30 years on the digitalization of sales, service and logistics business processes. Varuna, a cloud field service management solution based on HpaPaaS (High Efficiency Application Platform as a Service), increases operational efficiency by offering companies 40% time and effort savings. Stating that Varuna, which has an infrastructure that thousands of users from companies from around the world can use simultaneously from a single center, carries companies to a different dimension in the cloud, Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli said, “The pandemic, which affects all of us, has turned the digital journey from being a choice for companies into a necessity. This journey also offered the opportunity to look at our business processes objectively. In this process, we have seen gaps in safety procedures, preparations for new ways of working, and the way technicians collect and share data in the field culminate. With Varuna, we are raising the bar for field service management solutions by eliminating this gap.”

Operations are not interrupted even in crisis

Pointing out that the security and cost advantages offered by cloud-based solutions increase the demand for field service management solutions, Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli said, “With our new cloud-based software service, named after the Kuiper belt celestial body and Varuna, the god of the heavens in Hindu mythology, we offer a scalable, scalable service that meets the national and international needs of companies. and deploy safe solutions. Varuna’s ability to respond to demands makes it possible to continue operations even in crisis conditions. It guides companies to use their resources in areas where they are needed.”

Agile field service management

Izmir-based Univera, with its Varuna software service, enables many different sectors, from telecommunications to energy, to use its software service infrastructure to develop it according to their own needs and to agile the field management solution offered. Mentioning that Varuna functionalizes all business processes of companies regardless of their size of operation, Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli made the following assessment: “With our new digital solution, we have developed a different software for the business world. We used the space theme to explain the advantages of Varuna, where we offer an end-to-end field service solution from business management to service channels and field management. We promise to bring companies to #BaşkaBirBoyut with our intriguing launch campaign. With Varuna, companies bring speed and efficiency to their activities by saving 95% in business plans and 50% in operational processes. With Varuna, field technicians and companies that use service channels more efficiently can reduce their operational expenses with an uninterrupted flow of information in the triangle of dealers, distributors and customers.”

Successfully passed the security and performance tests

Stating that Varuna has successfully passed many security and performance-oriented tests during its development phase, Merthan Kaleli said, “We developed Varuna, which we launched using the highest software technologies, with a brand new microservice-based architecture. We make the activities of companies sustainable with features such as team management, warehouse tracking, and real-time monitoring on the map. With our new protocols, we create a safe zone for technicians with companies’ field forces. We ensure that compliance approvals are shared and tracked with customers, suppliers and regulators. On the other hand, companies can shape their future needs by developing innovative business ideas in the safe environment of Varuna,” he added.

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