People Are Using Snapchat As A Camera App

Snapchat was a very popular social media application until Instagram Stories were introduced to users. Users could create posts that disappeared in 24 hours with fun filters, and had conversations with their friends that disappeared in a short time. When Facebook added Snapcat’s most popular features to Instagram under the name ‘Stories’, Snapchat’s number of users dropped significantly.

Snapchat once again attracted the attention of millions of users with the new filters it released last weekend. Filters, where women can turn into men and men into women, have suddenly become popular, especially with the use of famous names such as Miley Cyrus and Sarah Silverman and sharing their content on Instagram and Twitter. A minute! Why do people share the content they create with Snapchat filters on Instagram and Twitter?


Snapchat is a very useful application in terms of developing fun filters and providing users with the opportunity to create entertaining content. On the other hand, Snapchat lags far behind platforms like Instagram and Twitter in terms of user experience and social interaction. That’s why Instagram Stories’ monthly users have tripled Snapchat’s active users.

Although Snapchat filters have become popular in a short time due to their entertaining content, users get more engagement when they share these content on Instagram or Twitter. One of the biggest reasons for this is that Snapchat has a poor user interface. As a result, although Snapchat is ‘re-downloaded’ by millions of people in a short time thanks to a popular filter, people use Snapchat not as a social media application, but as a camera application with advanced filters.

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