Planports: “There should not be any non-digitalized SMEs in Turkey”

Customer relationship management, namely CRM, which is gaining more and more importance, does not mean much without CRM software. The development of technology enables current investments to replace traditional methods. Planports Sales, Marketing and Business Development Director Okan Yaylagül says, “SMEs that see CRM as a driving force rather than an expense item are growing”.

According to the 2021 data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the rate of CRM usage in companies with 10-49 employees is only 9.3%. Okan Yaylagül, Sales, Marketing and Business Development Director of Planports, said, “This figure explains very well why SMEs in Turkey have difficulty in growing and lose in market conditions. . As a local startup from Turkey to the world, we want to support them as much as we can in an environment where small and medium-sized enterprises struggle for existence. We think that either we exist together or we do not exist together.”

Born in Turkey for global markets

Developed in Turkey, CRM and company management software is designed to be used in the internal processes of a Germany-based multinational corporation and to meet all corporate standards. The software, which is still used by this world giant organization, was put on the market in 2016. Guaranteeing the security of the software and the robustness of the system infrastructure with its long years of experience, spends most of its annual turnover on infrastructure and software updates every year. Thus, it offers its customers a faster and safer user experience. Preferred by many companies abroad as a web and cloud-based software, is now preparing to bring its experience in global markets to Turkey.

“We need to grow SMEs”

Saying, “Our primary target for 2022 is SMEs, the backbone of the Turkish economy,” Okan Yaylagül said, “There is a phrase that is used very often in the business world: You cannot manage what you cannot measure. With the reports we provide as Planports, we enable SMEs to measure, analyze and manage themselves accordingly. Our recommendation to SMEs is that they look at CRM software not as an expense item but as a useful tool to support their growth. As Planports, we work with the world’s largest and most reliable virtual server providers. Likewise, our configuration and security measures are provided by these specialist companies.

Next generation customer experience

Defining itself as more than a CRM, therefore uses the phrase next generation CRM+ for the program. Offering the tools you will need to gain new customers, increase the satisfaction of your existing customers, optimize your sales, and manage your team and your company more effectively, the program also allows you to manage your process management, basic finance and pre-accounting processes through the system. It also provides a 14-day free trial for companies in need of CRM to discover all the features of the software.

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