Platform for Selling Nude Photos for the Ukrainian Army

A few months ago, Russia officially declared war on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Conflicts that have been going on since that day, mostly Ukraine in trouble left . After all, it was not an easy thing to come across a giant country like Russia. Ukrainians, who decided to resist instead of selling their country and fleeing, are trying to resist Russia with both armed and unarmed support. Now to you, started by a group of Ukrainians to raise money for the army.Let’s talk about an interesting initiative.

A group of Ukrainians in March ” TerOnlyFans“. Inspired by OnlyFans, Ukrainians selling their nude images on this platform have been selling their nudes since March 2022. Donation of 789 thousand 076 dollars they were able to collect Nastassia Nasko, who made statements about the platform, naked their photos from selling He states that he is not offended and that this project will continue until the end of the Russian occupation. So how did the idea of ​​TerOnlyFans come to mind?

One joking tweet raised nearly $790,000 in funding for the military


Nastassia Nasko also talked about how this idea became a reality in an interview. Nasko was one of the first cities besieged by Russia. Rescuing an acquaintance from Kharkiv wanted And for this, he jokingly tweeted that he would send his nude photo to the person who rescued his relative. Nastassia Nasko, who received many messages, said that she sent a naked photo to a person, and the person who took the photo knew her in Kharkiv. you saved it states. This is what happened, about 790 thousand dollars to the Ukrainian army. has fundedwhich is not at a negligible level.

The TerOnlyFans team donates directly to organizations that raise funds for the Ukrainian military. donating user, received receipt sends it to a person he chooses on the platform. As a result of the investigations, a nude photograph is taken from that person. So members of TerOnlyFans, not involved in donations in any way . Nastassia Nasko, who also answered the question of when the platform will be closed, ” When Putin dies or Russia stops its aggression, we will end this project.” he said.

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