Play Store Calls An Easily Accessible Wish List Button

You may remember that before the all-white app list design was presented, the wish list icon was next to the app name. This way, you could easily save an app or game that was still faulty or that you didn’t need immediately. The colorless, white app list interface and the wish list icon were removed from the app home page and placed in the top right drop-down menu.


In this new test, you can see that the icon is put on top of the app page again. The icon sits in the name bar between the dropdown and the search icon. Thus, you can add applications to your wish list with one tap instead of two.


This is a server-based change like most things in Play Store design nowadays and doesn’t seem to be in widespread use. So if you like to use the wish list feature, you may have to wait a little longer to access this feature with one touch.

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