Play Store Tests Concurrent App Downloads

Google started testing a feature that should have arrived a long time ago on the Play Store, the official app store of the Android operating system. According to the information conveyed by Android Police, the new feature makes it possible to download applications or application updates simultaneously.

When you want to download any few applications or application updates in the current Play Store version, the Play Store downloads these applications or updates one by one. Although this does not cause a big problem for users with low internet speed, it is a significant waste of time for users with high internet speed.


In the feature that is still being tested, the applications or updates you want to download can be downloaded and installed on the device simultaneously. Considering that there are dozens of different applications on our smartphones, simultaneous updating of applications will gain serious speed in addition to updating them one by one.

Another feature in the new version of Play Store is internal app sharing, which allows developers to share a rough version of any app or app update with users. However, Google does not review apps shared with internal app sharing and warns users that they may not comply with the Google Play Terms of Service.

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