PlayStation 5 Will Only Support PlayStation 4 Games

Those who like to spend time on game consoles listen to every statement from Sony, because PlayStation 5 is now a reality. A new detail has emerged for the famous game console, which is known to have superior hardware features. According to the information that has emerged, PlayStation 5 will only be able to play games that belong to the PlayStation 4 console retrospectively. As it is known, PlayStation 5 will have a very fast SSD system and 8K resolution support.


The information revealed by a famous technology news sharing site was expressed in a meeting held by Sony, allegedly. In the previously revealed information, it was said that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible so that users can also play games belonging to their old consoles. However, according to new information, this situation is not as extensive as expected because a PlayStation 4-like architecture will be used on PlayStation 5. This means that the issue of how to play old games on new consoles, which has been the subject of discussions many times before, will also be experienced on PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4 used a processor called ‘Jaguar’ with x86-64 architecture produced by AMD. This caused the games produced for the predecessor PlayStation 3 console not to work on PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5 will have a similar problem. With the emergence of this subject, eyes were turned to Sony.

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