Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Social Media App?

Facebook, founded 15 years ago by a US student, has become one of today’s biggest technology monopolies. Over the years, we have transferred our own identities and personal interests to Facebook’s blue interface. We enjoyed meeting and talking with our friends in a virtual environment and sharing our special moments with them.

And then Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, social media overthrew traditional media. We don’t watch TV anymore, we look at our phones. Now, instead of news programs, we browse the news that Google offers according to our interests. We now see in the home feed what is considered appropriate for us. We are now a target for the advertisements of tens of thousands of companies on social media.


When there was a 5-6 hour access problem on Instagram and WhatsApp, including Facebook’s main application, we had the chance to realize what social media has taken away from us. Of course, social media and ads aren’t all bad. Today, many dynamics develop depending on these environments. Despite everything, over the last few years, the thread has gone way too far.

The theft of personal information of millions of people with the Cambridge Analytica scandal was a great example, and suddenly we saw the dark side of the matter.

Diseases that we feel anxious when our phones are not with us (nomophobia) and the state of anxiety we experience when we are unaware of what is going on (fomo) have been scientifically written in the literature. Now, some techniques that we try to get rid of the effects of social media and return to real life with techniques called “digital detox” are becoming popular.


Apart from all these, the security of our personal information and the fact that we are the main product in a free service started to bother us enough. Do not forget that each of the social media channels we use free of charge are companies with commercial concerns. It is very difficult to think innocent things when you see that more information means more money in a competitive environment.

It’s really hard to imagine what could happen if we suddenly go back to 15 years ago conditions right now. Without further ado, let’s get your thoughts on the current social media channels.

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