Positive Effects of Emotions such as Regret and Worry Discovered

We’ve all felt a lot more aggressive, moody, or unhappy than usual at some point in our lives. Moreover, when we go through such periods, the people around us begin to seem much happier. Experts, on the other hand, offer some recommendations that we often hear in such cases. For example; distract yourself from negative thoughts, do things that make you feel happy, and live the momentas.

A recent study shows that the recommendations we’ve heard so far are actually not very helpful; on the contrary, feelings such as regret and anxiety it might be useful revealed. So how can these feelings that upset us be ‘useful’? Let’s look at the details of the research together.

Don’t leave your regrets aside, learn a lesson!


Regret is one of the emotions that upset us the most. “If only…” Making sentences that start with “” is described as a bad habit by many psychologists. When you think about it, this advice makes quite a lot of sense. After all, in the past because of the things we did or couldn’t doWe regret the time we are in right now.

But research by Lanchaster University reveals that feelings of regret are not as bad as they seem. Researchers during regret meditating and replaying the same scenarios in our minds over and over again. He says it can be very useful. people who regret refrain from making the same mistake He begins to take all his steps more carefully. Researchers underline that this way, healthier decisions can be made in the future.

Worry again as a hobby…


Another emotion that is the subject of the research is anxiety. Almost all of us worry about many things because of the situations we are in. Unfortunately both economic and social We are going through a very difficult time. For this reason, it is almost impossible to remove an emotion such as anxiety from our lives.

Researchers also reported that this emotion, which we cannot remove from our lives, has several beneficial aspects. Namely; Worrying causes us to worry more about the future, and this anxiety makes us worry about the future, just like when we regret it. It pushes you to deeper thoughts.For example; “What will I do when school is over?” Thinking encourages you to strive to do something before you finish school. Although these feelings and thoughts can stress you out in the moment, researchers actually that it has a positive impact on your life and activates it.states.

What about optimism and confidence?


According to the published article, optimism is actually ours. proportional to our confidence. an evolving emotion. If we explain this with a small example; When you study for an exam, you feel more optimistic about that exam because you have confidence in your study. So actually, optimism is not a mood you get into; it comes across as a feeling that you put yourself into. However, researchers have found that overconfidence and being overly optimistic are also associated with bilateral relations. it could turn into a problemsays.

To summarize briefly; Researchers say that every emotion, positive or negative, is not a problem if it is not overdone. well even feelings such as regret, anxiety, anger can benefit yourself. you can use. In addition, positive emotions such as optimism and confidence can do you harm, not benefit, when you overdo it.

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