Prime Gaming July Free Games Announced

Amazon Prime will offer more than 30 free games to its members in July. Prime members, featuring the award-winning Mass Effect trilogy Mass Effect Legendary Editionbesides GRID™ Legends, Need for Speed™ Heat, Star Wars™ Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy™, Star Wars™ Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast™and Like Star Wars™ Republic Commando™You will have many games for free.

Currently, Prime members can also instantly download more than 25 indie games from Prime Gaming for free. In these games Death Squared, Fatal Fury Special, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Gone Viral, HUE, Metal Slug 2, Pumped BMX Pro, Samurai Shodown II, The Darkside Detectiveand The King of Fighters 2002There are also old popular games such as popular games published for the first time.

In addition to all this, Amazon’s Crown Channel will also host a war game under the name Ultimate Crown live on on July 9. In this battle, MrBeast and Ninja will go head-to-head in League of Legends for the new title of the 2022 Ultimate Crown Champion.

Amazon Prime members; For only 7.90 TL per month, you can have free games and in-game content with Prime Gaming, as well as access to daily special deals on the products of the most popular brands, special deals and discounts on Prime Day, unlimited access to award-winning movies and TV episodes with Prime Video. can enjoy many advantages. Within the scope of Prime Gaming, in addition to the free games that members can have indefinitely, they also offer privileges such as character upgrades, outfits and skins that they can use in popular games, and a 30-day free subscription to a broadcaster’s channel on Twitch.

Other free games of July:

Prime Gaming is offering gamers four more free games starting July 1st. This month’s free games, players Maniac Mansionsolving mysteries and in Suzerainit also forces them to test their brainpower as they develop their own political campaigns.

  • Maniac Mansion – Hurry up! Dr. Fred has kidnapped Sandy and is about to start experiments on his brain! Sandy brainwashed Dr. Follow Dave and his friends as they race to save Fred before he donates it to Fred, and test your own brain to solve the many mysteries of Maniac Mansion!
  • Suzerain– Take on the role of President Rayne in this text-based RPG where you must lead the nation of Sordland amid an imminent war, ingrained corruption, economic crisis and reform.
  • Fishing: North Atlantic – Explore the majestic world of Nova Scotia, Canada, in this game where you will marvel at the vast diversity of ocean life. Are you ready to search for gold in the ocean with fishing boats and a variety of fishing gear that you can upgrade as you progress in your fishing career and explore the North Atlantic?
  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark– In this game where you can reveal a full-fledged RPG story, you can customize your characters according to a wide range of classes and abilities while controlling your own group.

If you are still not a Prime member, you can have Amazon Prime for only 7.90 TL per month or take advantage of a 30-day trial period.

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