Priority of companies in the transition to cloud technologies: Speed ​​and agility

With the pandemic, digital transformation, which is understood to be a necessity rather than a choice, has also accelerated the spread of cloud technologies. Speaking at the IDC CIO Summit, Bulutistan CEO Begim Başlıgil explained the issues that companies should pay attention to when using cloud technologies.

Begim Başlıgil, CEO of Bulutistan, the domestic cloud system integrator that offers hybrid cloud solutions, reminded the promise they made in 2015 when they were founded, “When 350 of Turkey’s 500 largest companies started using our products, we said that we would share our experiences in this process. We kept our promise while reaching our target and By examining the cloud experience of our customers in detail, we developed recommendations for companies’ journey to the cloud.”

Companies care most about agility and speed

Stating that they determined what criteria their customers consider when entering the cloud transformation process and what their main goals are, Başlıgil said, “In the digital age we live in, agility and speed are in the first place with 56%. Scaling comes second with 39%. Technology providers also need to be able to grow and shrink very quickly in order to adapt to the different priorities and strategies of companies. The fact that cloud technologies offer a flexible structure is one of the most important reasons for companies to choose.

Cost advantage ranks last among the reasons for preference

Stating that the third criterion that companies consider in the transition to cloud technologies is independence with 29%, Bulutistan CEO said, “The most important factor in the establishment of independent technological infrastructures, of course, is financial comfort. It is possible for large companies to establish this technological infrastructure. However, while growing, they gradually feel more independent. Many of our customers want an independent structure to be established for them, and cloud technologies can meet this expectation.” Stating that those who prioritize superior performance in the transition to the cloud are in the fourth place with 27%, Başlıgil said, “The most striking issue in our research is the cost advantage. “Only 18% of those who prefer cloud technologies state that the cost advantage is at the forefront. This shows us that cloud computing products stand out against their counterparts with other superior features such as speed, performance and independence, not cost.”

When choosing a partner, performance, safety and responsibilities should be determined.

Begim Başlıgil, who conveyed details about the issues to be considered when choosing a partner during the transition to cloud technologies, said, “Contracts must have a security and performance audit. Thus, you can always control the quality of the service you receive. The responsibilities of technology providers must also be clearly defined. Making deals is important,” he said.

“Integrations and harmony are very important”

Drawing attention to the knowledge of technology providers on integrations, Begim Başlıgil said, “We see that container infrastructures are ready in software that has recently transformed from virtual servers to microservice architectures. The technology provider you work with must be supporting you in this regard when transitioning to cloud technologies in digital transformation. Opensource (open source code) “We need to make more use of software, your digital transformation roadmap and your cloud transformation roadmap need to overlap. Let’s talk about which project, RPA (robotic process automation), blockchain, Big Data (big data) all produce data and it is important to process them synchronously.”

“Do not use infrastructures that are not licensed by you in critical matters”

Begim Başlıgil, who underlined the most common mistakes made in the transition to cloud technologies, said, “According to our conclusions from our 350 customers who have worked with us for 6 years and many of them have experienced different infrastructure providers before, we need to get away from the contracted world immediately. An approach that says that if we make a commitment we get a good price, if we don’t we get a bad price is not correct at all. In addition, the legal process of the business should never be forgotten in the cloud transformation process. I recommend that you do not use infrastructures that are not licensed by you in critical matters for your business. You can benefit from SaaS (Software as a Service) in many areas, but it will be useful to act with structures that you can use in-house, independent of everyone else, in critical matters,” he said.

“Never accept the mediocre”

Stating that companies should determine their own strategies for digital transformation and transition to cloud technologies, Begim Başlıgil concluded his words as follows: “You should set your priorities yourself, not according to the strategies of the structures that will offer technology to you. You should never give up on scale. You can say, ‘We did not grow too much this year,’ but next year we will see new developments. If growth is achieved with developments, you may suddenly have to make a change in infrastructure. Never accept the mediocre. Technology brands that offer you infrastructure have to offer the best.”

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