Produced a Sound Loud enough to Boil Water Instantly

Water boils at 100 degrees under normal conditions, but if you want to evaporate the water instantly, a loud enough scream can also work. People can’t scream that loud, we’re not Dovahkiin after all. On the other hand, scientists managed to produce a sound of this intensity.

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory of Stanford University in the USA produced a very strong underwater sound wave. With this wave, it is possible to evaporate water instantly.


Using SLAC’s powerful X-Ray lasers, the researchers sent tiny energy waves of high energy frequency into tiny streams of water. As soon as these energy waves hit the microscopic streams, it began to evaporate the water and split the stream in two.

Although these energy waves are strong enough to divide the flow of water, they are not strong enough to completely separate the molecules as in X-rays. The researchers suggest that the pressure created by the shock waves is just below the breaking point. This means that the energy waves pass underneath without breaking the water molecules. Naturally, at the moment of contact, the water molecules evaporate because they cannot be broken down.


The sound pressure in the experiment was equal to 270 decibels. 270 decibels means a louder sound than the launch of a rocket. On the other hand, you do not need to wear headphones when working with such a strong sound wave, because when the sound wave hits you, it will probably break your heart and lungs, so headphones are useless.

The results of the research were published in the academic journal Physical Review Fluids.

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