prof. Dr. Ersan Başar: The Past of the World is Hidden in Antarctica

Prof. Dr. In his statements, Ersan Başar stated that Antarctica must be discovered first in order to discover the world. Stating that he has been to the region for the last 3 years as part of the Project for Establishing a Science Base in Antarctica, Başar stated that he fulfilled the duties of deputy leader and camp leader during his visit. Stating that he is proud of this situation, Başar stated that temporary bases have been established so far in accordance with the Antarctic Agreement, these bases will be made permanent later on and the bases to be built will be the fourth generation, they will be built in a modern way and they can produce their own energy.


Stating that they have been working on nearly 40 projects in Antarctica in a 3-year period, Başar expressed that the weather conditions of the region are not always suitable for working. Stating that Antarctica is extremely rich in terms of both minerals and water resources it contains, Başar stated that the protection of the region is very important for the world. Stating that the region is like a laboratory, Prof. Dr. Ersan Başar, “If you have big scientific goals as a country, you have to be there.” said. Describing Antarctica as the black box of the world, Başar pointed out that much of the information in the past of the world is under the glaciers. Stating that the living species in the region should be discovered, Başar stated that more studies should be done in the region and more support should be given to science in this respect.


Stating that Turkey is currently in Antarctica as an observer, Başar stated that it is necessary to switch from an observer to a consultancy. Stating that the fact that Turkey is one of the consultant countries in the region is very important in terms of decision-making and that they continue to work to complete the requirements for the application, Başar stated that it is very important for us that the Turkish flag is flying in Antarctica. Underlining that the detection of melting glaciers as a natural result of global warming and Turkey’s involvement in the formation of policies to be developed on the subject is important for future generations, Başar stated that the governing bodies provide them with the necessary support and that the work progresses in a better way.

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