PS4 Emulator Orbital Gets New Update

Orbital, one of the important PS4 emulators, improved its performance and fixed some problems with the new update.

Unlike other consoles, the work to reveal the PlayStation 4 emulator is progressing very slowly. However, recently Spine, PlayStation 4 Emulator for Linux Revealed In our article, we shared with you an important development in this regard. There is also an update on the Orbital front, which is the most important rival of the Spine emulator.

The developer of the Orbital emulator announced the following changes along with the update in a video he shared recently:

  • With the significant performance update, better FPS values ​​can be obtained. Although it is not possible to run a game yet, some parts of the safe mode of PlayStation 4 can work.
  • The bootloader now receives keys via IO rather than AHCI, so USB storage devices and PlayStation 4’s internal storage are supported during emulation.
  • Added PUPMGR function and fixed many SAMU emulation issues.
  • Added support for reinstalling firmware via virtual storage devices.

Although the innovations on the Orbital front are smaller compared to Spine, seeing progress in PlayStation 4 emulator development is promising for those interested in this field.

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