Questions That Game of Thrones Doesn’t Answer #2

HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones, which swept the screens, disappointed people with its ending. There are many unanswered questions in the series. We have turned some of these questions into a series of questions.

There were questions from you in the comments, there were questions that we could not fit into that article. There will be questions that we cannot fit into this article. Now we’ll have to wait for George RR Martin to finish the books. There are a lot of questions, so let’s get right to the questions.

Was Cersei Pregnant?

Was Cersei really pregnant? Or was it just a lie he made up to manipulate those around him? We don’t know.

Was Daenerys Pregnant?

There were many references to Daenerys’ possible pregnancy in season seven. Not even mentioned in the last season. Was She herself pregnant or not?


Does Anyone Know The Battle of Winterfell Is Happening?

In Westeros, people embraced the army that saved them, but no one seemed to care. People would celebrate if he wasn’t overly fed up with their lives. Cersei isn’t exactly the number one supporter of the free press, either.

Does Jon’s Lineage Matter?

There were many people who tried not to reveal Jon Snow’s family tree, which was hidden for years and made the audience feel that it would be important throughout the seasons, and even Dany begged Jon to keep this secret. Conclusion? If Jon Snow’s real name was Mehmet Özyıldız and not Aegon Targaryen, it would have created a bigger sensation. “What is that name, where did it come from?” they would say. We don’t know if Jon’s ancestry mattered.

Are There Other Magical Creatures?

There are wizards in the story, there are spells, there are dragons, but they don’t have much of an influence. Are/are there other magical creatures in Westeros? There is no explanation for this. Whether there are any other dragons is also a matter of debate.

Who is the Night King, what is his problem?

There are theories about the answer to both questions, but neither question has a given answer.


What Is Night’s Watch Waiting For?

Night’s Watch continues where it left off. But why? There are no white hawks left in the north, they have all disappeared. If they haven’t opened a wildlife park, why are these guys still there?

What’s the Relevance of Horse?

Only one white horse survived in the burning city and encountered Arya. If anyone has figured out what function this horse has in the story, we are waiting for you in the comments.

Where Did Drogon Go?

Where did Drogon take Dany’s body and go? To arrange a proper funeral? To Essos? What will he do now?

Why Didn’t Dany/Cersei Kill Her Opponent Immediately?

Both characters are power and throne crazy, one of them is crazy for the throne in the true sense of the word. Why didn’t both of them destroy their opponent when they had the chance?


These are unanswered questions about the series. There are also points in the series that I was curious about, but were probably missed because the authors forgot. Unsullied is not capable of reproduction. Why did it have its own land? How will those who go to the islands survive, will they not die from the diseases spread by the butterflies there? English is spoken in the world of Game of Thrones. As we see in the example of hold the door, the common language of the characters is English, which we know, not the shooting language of the series. Is Game of Thrones set in a more magical but otherworldly past? Is it possible to make a series about the like of these characters, which takes place today? There’s one on HBO on HBO, looking at the script, the reaction of the players, and the feedback from the test audiences and asking, “What is this, guys, won’t you be ashamed to make people watch this?” didn’t anyone say?

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