Ray Tracing (RTX) Coming to Smartphones

It has an important place for next generation desktop GPUs and game consoles. ray tracingie RTX, on mobile devices is starting to take its place. Providing the infrastructure of important companies with processor architectures ARM aims to bring a new breath to the mobile game world. The company, which will offer ray tracing support for the first time in the mobile world, will use these new GPUs in both premium and mid-range smartphones.

from technology giants NVIDIA’sIt has been trying to incorporate it since 2020, but from big companies, the USA, even from Elon Musksemiconductor manufacturer ARM, which even vetoed Immortalis-G715announced today that ARM will release the first GPU to offer this feature on smartphones and tablets.

RTX porting to mobiles with three new GPUs


RTX (ray tracing) technology, which is currently used in computers and new game consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, will also be available on Android phones and tablets with ARM’s new GPU. Used by giant companies like MediaTek and Samsung your financial GPUAccording to the older generation Mali GPUs of Immortalis-G715 built on 15% better performanceallegedly will.

In order for ray tracing technology to be integrated into mobile phones, it is necessary to have powerful and well-equipped hardware. However, ARM has announced that the new GPU does not require high hardware. ARM has RTX’s Immoralis-G715’s core capacity alone. 4% ofuse and performance more than 300%He also stated that he would increase


Alongside the Immortalis-G715, two new GPUs were introduced. Mali-G715and Mali-G615 The biggest difference between these GPUs, which were introduced as , was the number of cores. G615, 6 cores or lesswhile the Mali-G715 7 to 9between to the coreand if Immoralis-G715 10 or more cores Will have. However, there is not enough information about these two GPUs as the Immoralis GPU.

It supports Variable Rate Shading (VRS) on three GPUs. VRS is a system that allows game developers to determine where the GPU should focus, where it can use shortcuts. With the right adjustments, the game looks the same to the player, but with this technology, the frame rate can increase by up to 40%. It is also thought that VRS can be used to significantly reduce power usage in smartphones.

Three GPUs will be the fastest GPUs to date


On devices on all three GPUs introduced by ARM A 15% performance increaseand these GPUs have been produced to date. fastest ARM GPUs will be. The company aims to triple the efficiency and reduce bandwidth usage in GPUs. Constant Velocity Compression(AFRC) made a few more innovations.

No announcement has been made about the official release date of the new Immoralis GPU and Mali GPUs, and it is unclear which smartphone manufacturer will use this technology first. However, ARM’s technology in early 2023expected to be made available.

Here are the promotional videos of the technology that will bring RTX technology to smartphones:

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