Real estate company opens office in virtual universe

The metaverse, which stands out as the new reality on the world’s agenda, entered the radar of brands. RE/MAX opened an office in Turkey in the virtual universe where many real-life experiences, from entertainment to working life, from social activities to shopping, are created digitally.

RE/MAX Turkey, which has been organizing regular training for its employees about the metaverse universe for 2 years, announced today that it has opened an office at With the office it opened on the land it bought, the company stands out as the first concrete project put into practice in this field in Turkey.

Decentraland, a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, ranks first in the world among existing metaverse projects. Among those investing in the metaverse universe, which is visited by 6 million people a month, are large companies such as Adidas. plots, which are among the most preferred products in Opensea, the world’s most popular NFT marketplace, resulted in the highest sales to date at $2.4 million. The project, which currently has the lowest land price of 15 thousand dollars, maintains its feature of being the first universe that comes to mind when metaverse is mentioned.

“We will participate in Turkey’s first metaverse hackathon”

Kerem Çiçek, RE/MAX Turkey Marketing Director, made a statement on the subject: “For 2 years, we have been educating ourselves on what we can do in the real estate vertical in the metaverse universe, and we have been testing trades on these portals. Now we went a little further and created a very stylish office in the world’s most known metaverse universe. 5 thousand RE/MAX employees in Turkey will be able to spend time in our office in the metaverse universe and experience our virtual office with their customers. We will gradually move our meetings to our metaverse office, and we will also provide training on metaverse and NFT. In Turkey’s first metaverse hackathon to be held in March, we will take part as both a speaker and a member of the jury and explain our knowledge and experience in this field”.

“Our focus in our 25th year in Turkey is to make a difference in the metaverse”

RE/MAX Turkey Regional Manager Murat Goldştayn said, “The name of RE/MAX, which has 50 years of experience in the world and 25 years in Turkey, is always associated with innovations in the real estate sector. Compliance with technology and innovation are always on the priority list of our brand. Next is to invest in the future and take our place in this new world, which is very similar to the real estate industry. Very soon, we will open an area on our website where our real estate consultants can display their metaverse plots. This project is just the beginning for us. In the 25th year, our focus will be to undertake works that make a difference and create value in this new universe. We will support every initiative that comes out of our country with our knowledge.”

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