Remarkable Lines of Bandit Movie

The year is 1996. The number of private televisions and radios has increased rapidly, people do not go to the cinema; even though he was gone, he had been watching Hollywood movies. The era of resplendent Turkish cinema seemed to be over. Then a movie was released, Bandit.Directed by Yavuz Turgul and starring Şener Şen and Uğur Yücel, this film not only reflected Yeşilçam’s critical spirit, but also touched our deepest feelings and told all this in the chaos of the modern city.

The movie Bandit is considered by many to be the initiator of the rebirth of Turkish cinema. With the bandit movie, the Turkish audience gained the habit of watching local movies in the cinema again and today gave birth to our domestic industry, where countless movies are made every year. Bandit movie with its story, acting and music It is a production that has taken its place among the unforgettable and is considered one of the best even today. Here are some of the most impressive lines and dialogues from the movie Bandit.

Some of the most impressive Bandit lines and dialogues:

I understand that he is offended by the world…


  • Mahmoud: Do you know why you are here? You’re going to go and talk to Keje. If Keje doesn’t talk to you either, I’ll know he’s offended by the world and doesn’t want anyone. He buried himself alive in the grave.
  • Baran:What if he talks?

After you went to prison, order broke down, bandit. The bad guys prevailed in this business. The oppressed were oppressed.

The real evil is elsewhere.


  • Baran: You come with me too. You will be bird food for the wolf, Mother Ceren.
  • Ceren Ana: The wolf and the bird are from us, son. The real evil is elsewhere.

We knew two Kemals when we were in prison. One is Mustafa Kemal, the other is Dodo Kemal. Dodo Kemal was a child prisoner. He was murdered. He used to get up early every morning, pick up the newspapers first and flip them like crazy. He was looking for forgiveness. He sought forgiveness for years. He finally got out, taking advantage of an amnesty, a week later he killed someone and was imprisoned again, Dodo Kemal. When I look at you, I always think of that boy.

How will you find it?…


  • Friday:Why did you come to Istanbul, em?
  • Baran:I’m looking for someone.
  • Friday:Where is that one?
  • Baran:I do not know.
  • Friday:Do not know how?
  • Baran:I don’t know where it is.
  • Friday:How will you find your husband in Istanbul?
  • Baran:I will find it.
  • Friday:And 10 million people live in this city, uncle.
  • Baran:If necessary, I will look at the faces of 10 million.

They shot me in jail Keje, I’m not dead. I got sick, I left one of my lungs there, I didn’t die again. They beat me a lot, I vomited blood, but I did not die. I lived, I lived to see you one more time. Now they told me that no one can hear your voice. You’re silent… Won’t you talk to me too, Keje. Can’t I hear your voice?

Everyone is the enemy…


  • Baran:Why are you carrying a gun, do you have an enemy?
  • Friday: This is Istanbul, the enemy need not be. Everyone is an enemy.

It looks like our place…


  • Baran:Where is here?
  • Friday:Istanbul.
  • Baran:Istanbul huh!
  • Friday:What will it be?
  • Baran: Istanbul ha, it looks like our place from here. There are plains, mountains, cities. It’s like I’m on top of Cudi!

I’ve lived for this moment all my life. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter anymore. I will come and get you. Wait for me Keje.

This city is a prison…


  • Friday: Where are you, uncle? Look, so many people were wondering about you, we thought you were lost.
  • Baran:I’m lost, guard.
  • Friday: You did well. How did you find this place?
  • Baran: In the old ways, I traced. This city prison is Cumali. I can not breathe. It smells like a dead animal. The wards smelled like this.

I know someone. His name is Baran. The chief of the tribe sent his father to a mine and killed him. Baran rebelled against his lord and went to the mountain. Baran is very young then. He is also in love with a girl. Awesome shooter. Here was a mountain he went to, a fierce mountain. Then he fought with the bandits who were the agha’s man. He found them with these binoculars and pressed the lead.

Is there a bandit in the mountains anymore? The bandit is in town now.

Because I was in love…


  • Baran:Why did you betray me, Berfo?
  • Mahmoud: Betrayal huh? So you call my actions treason? All right, so be it. Now let me tell you this. I did these; because I was in love. So I was shot. I was dying of my love. Who can say what to me about that? Betrayal? I did it for my love! Is it immoral? Yes I did. I’m the man who reported my best friend, you, to the gendarmerie. Could you do what I did huh? Could you betray your dearest friend? Could you report him to the gendarmerie? Could you steal your friend’s gold? With that gold, could you buy the woman your friend loves from her parents? But I did it, for my love. Now tell me, which of us has more love than Keje? Which of us? Which of us could afford to go to such sin for Keje? I’m ready to burn in hell for this love. And you?

until you come back…


  • Baran: I don’t know how long I will live; But I won’t give up on you until I take my last breath. Despite everything, Keje, I may come out one day, one day.
  • Keje:I will be silent, Baran, until you return.

will i die?


  • Friday: I have a temperature in my feet. It goes up. What’s this? You got hit a lot, you know bandit, am I going to die? … I’m so scared bandit, don’t leave me. I am so afraid.
  • Baran: Do not be afraid, you will only go to the ground. Then you will be soil. Then you will walk with the waters into the body of a flower. A bee will be placed in the core of the flower. Maybe, maybe that bee will be me.

Keje against the life of a child huh? Keje against a life!


What does life matter in the face of love?

  • Baran: The child is dead. What you gave turned out to be fake. Why?
  • Mahmoud: Do you remember when we used to play kidding with you when you were a kid? I always beat you. You didn’t even ask for a day why I’m always new. I always cheated.
  • Baran:You knew the boy was going to die, why did you do it?
  • Mahmoud: What does the child’s death matter? If you had taken Keje and gone, you would have done something for your love; but you sacrificed Keje for a human life. You wasted the woman you love for the life of a scumbag. However, that woman waited for you for a lifetime. What does life matter in the face of love?
  • Baran:True, what does life matter in the face of love?

I’m coming thugs, I’m coming!


One of the most important productions that started the rebirth of Turkish cinema. Some of the most impressive dialogues and lines of the bandit movie we listed. Of course, this list could have been much longer. You can share your favorite lines from the bandit movie in the comments.

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