Remote working has increased the demand for smart homes!

The remote working model, which has become widespread with the pandemic, has been the motivation for the desire of many people around the world to live in a comfortable and healthy home. The data released on the subject draws attention to the fact that the number of approximately 259 million smart homes worldwide in 2021 will exceed 350 million in 2023.

With the pandemic, the remote working model is becoming widespread. According to the data published by Statista on the subject, 30% of the employees worldwide adopt the remote working model, while the increase in the time spent at home brings the desire for a comfortable life. This situation causes the interest in smart homes to grow day by day. While the research points out that the number of smart homes worldwide is about 259 million in 2021, this figure is expected to exceed 350 million by 2023. Fecri Koça, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FGM Yapı, makes the following statements on the subject: “The desire for a comfortable life and smart homes are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. We are proud to be instrumental in helping people from all walks of life transition to a comfortable and healthy life with the smart homes we have started to build with the technological infrastructure we have developed.”

Smart homes give the green light to a sustainable world

Stating that smart homes open the door to not only a comfortable life but also to investing in a sustainable future, Fecri Koça said, “While smart homes allow people to transition to a more technological life, automated routines and centralized systems save energy. While people integrate technology into their daily lives through smart homes, they take steps for a sustainable world. As FGM Yapı, we will represent our country all over the world, especially in Europe, with our 5 projects that we realized in 2021 with the desire to be a partner in this circulation, and new projects we designed in harmony with the latest technology. We started to take the first step of this with our company that we established in Germany at the end of 2021, which is a pillar of our company.”

Employment of about 3,000 people

Expressing that they employ more than 2,500 people on their way to build unique architectural structures in Turkey and Germany, and that this number will increase with new projects, Chairman of the Board of Directors Fecri Koça shared the goals of FGM Yapı with the following words: We will offer a new home to those who want to live in healthy and comfortable homes by realizing our 114 flats Bostancı Modern and 320 flats Sabiha Gökçen project, which we have finally started to work on and whose construction process continues actively. By gaining an international status, we will represent Turkey in the global construction market. Therefore, we are very hopeful for 2022, which we have chosen as a growth-oriented year. As we achieve new successes, we will produce more and we will never compromise our mission based on ‘human values’.”

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