Residues of Alcohol Revealed on the International Space Station

Russia filed a complaint with NASA that they smelled alcohol on the station after the Dragon 2 spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station in March. The problem was solved through the station’s air purification system.


Pavel Vlasov, Head of Russia’s Center for Cosmonaut Training, states that this happened when the Dragon 2 spacecraft first arrived, but is only more recent: “Aerial analysts have found that the content of isopropyl alcohol, whose density is about 6 milligrams per cubic meter, has increased in the ISS atmosphere.”

The problem was solved by operating the station’s air purification system. Thanks to the air purification system, the alcohol concentration in the air decreased to 2 mg per m³. That’s one-tenth the alcohol concentration of SpaceX’s spacecraft before it docked, Vlasov said.

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