Robotic Arm to be Used in Bomb Disposal by High School Students

As part of the ‘İzzet Baysal Thanksgiving Days’ held in Bolu, events are held in the city center. A robotic arm at the stands where local products and technological designs were exhibited marked the events. Architect İzzet Baysal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students, with the help of their teachers, made the robotic arm, which made those who saw it proud. This robotic arm, made by students, can take part in the physical therapy industry when necessary, and in bomb disposal missions when necessary. The robotic arm, which has a special software, can do the same hand movements against the camera.


Architect İzzet Baysal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School computer teacher Yusuf Akgül, who made statements about the robotic arm, stated that this arm can be used in the field of physical therapy to destroy bombs and transport dangerous materials. Expressing that he could fulfill the given tasks with a little more refinement of his projects, Akgül stated that they converted human movements into digital signals with the help of a camera, these signals were also sent to the robotic arm, and the robotic arm did the same with these movements.

You can get to know this robotic arm better from the video below.

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