Rock-themed metaverse hosts Pamela Spence live

Turkey’s and the world’s first rock concept NFT and metaverse ecosystem hosted Pamela Spence after Demir Demirkan. Signing that he will share new versions of his popular songs, the singer shared his views on NFT.

Recently, the concept of NFT has been on the agenda of the whole world with the billion-dollar economy it has created. NFT and metaverse ecosystem, which allows users who intersect at certain common points to form a community, was one of the last projects that entered the NFT and metaverse ecosystem from our country, and the rock music themed NFT and metaverse project “Rock’n’Verse”. The Rock’n’Verse team, which made interviews with the leading rock musicians of our country in order to raise awareness about the technologies in question and the possibilities of these technologies, hosted Pamela Spence, who is known for her songs such as Istanbul, We Can’t Leave, Love Is Better Than Love. The future of music, NFT ensembles and Rock’n’Verse’s current projects were discussed in the program, which was held with the participation of DJ Ozzy, known for his Turkish rock-themed radio programs, and Rock’n’Verse founders Selçuk Eser and Gözde Vanlı.

Positive signal about online platforms from Pamela Spence

Pamela Spence, who released her first album, If You Listen, in 2002, was very popular with her songs such as İstanbul and Aşk Sevgiden Better Than, which were included in her 2004 album City Guide. Pamela Spence, in the music festivals topic, which was opened on a question asked by DJ Ozzy in the live broadcast of Rock’n’Verse, said, “Previously, I used to go to at least two concerts every week to listen to foreign artists that I almost loved. The festivals, which decreased before the pandemic, ended with the pandemic. Fortunately, online platforms are removing boundaries in music and making it easier to access the work of international musicians.”

“NFT projects for artists will be a source for an international festival”

Noting that the live broadcasts will continue with local and foreign musicians, Rock’n’Verse Founder Selçuk Eser commented, “We have recently become stronger by uniting with the blockchain and crypto money media CoinTürk team. We have hosted the world’s first rock-themed metaverse and NFT project, Rock’n’Verse, with our guests such as Deniz Yıldız, Deniz Tuzcuoğlu, Demir Demirkan, Sercan Raşa from Bursa Rock City Cultural Association, Özgür Çoban, Leyan Senay and the RockA music group. We make it reach more people. Our goal is to carry the project to the global arena and make projects with international artists with the possibilities of new technologies. We will support both well-known and yet unknown rock musicians in the stages of ideas, concepts, projects, community management, marketing and technical infrastructure of the collections we will release. Our three-stage NFT project with the rock band SkinRunners and world-renowned musician Billy Sheehan contributed with his instrument is the first example of this. Maybe the funds we get from such projects will also be the source of the international festivals and some charity events we miss. In addition, such projects will also form the basis of international music partnerships.”

“NFT trend rises with communities”

Stating that NFT collections produced within the scope of a project and community idea also mean a club membership, Selçuk Eser said, “The things you can do with NFTs are not just buying and selling. The NFT concept rises with communities, gaining its popularity from this aspect. For example, when you buy Pamela’s private collection, you can actually become a member of the Pamela fan club. Private parties and concerts are held for those who are members of NFT ensembles, which only members of that club can attend. We, as Rock’n’Verse, host a large community of local and foreign members who are interested in the intersection of NFT and rock on our Discord server. We have channels where topics such as music and instruments are discussed. We also organize special events for our community members. For example, we currently have an event that includes 56 works and presents the largest NFT basket ever given in Turkey to members of our community.”

“Events, live broadcasts and privileges will continue”

Rock’n’Verse Founder Gözde Vanlı talked about the “whitelist” application, which makes it easier for users to access collectibles in NFT projects and strengthens community bonds, and said, “Whitelist actually means a special invitation. In this way, users can make purchases in NFT projects, which attract a lot of attention, before the sale ends or the works are sold out. We, as Rock’n’Verse, will announce the advantages we offer to our whitelist winners in the coming days.”

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