RTÜK Alleged Ban on Mabel Matiz’s New Song

His real name is Fatih Karaca. Mabel Matiz, his new song last night ‘ of Karakol He shared the clip with his fans. The 36-year-old singer, who produces songs in pop music, sang his new song on social media, “’I’ve been ripped from my chest ‘Patrol’. It came out of me, it’s yours now”.

The new song of Mabel Matiz, which attracts attention with her songs and style, soon sat on the agenda of social media. Many people gave positive comments about the song and found the video successful. However, some social media users homosexuality It targeted the famous artist on the grounds that it contained it. Now, there has been a new development on the subject.

It was claimed that Mabel Matiz’s music video was banned by RTÜK.

According to the news Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) It was alleged that he banned the clip of the song ‘Karakol’, which received a reaction from some users. It was also reported that the board called all music channels and pressured them not to release the clip.

The clip of the song, the lyrics and music of which belongs to Mabel Matiz, can be watched on YouTube right now. Some anti-LGBTI+ users on Twitter said: Mabel Matiz The ‘Karakol’ clip, which tells the story of the artist and the two men, continues to pour out reaction on his label. You can find some of the reactions to the ban and the clip below.

Here are the reactions












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