RTX 2070 and i5-9600K Gaming Performance | QP Gaming Plus

As Technopat, we not only assemble computer parts, but also subject them to extensive tests to see the compatibility of these parts. Game tests are one of them. Here, too, we do not continue with the same games and we are constantly updating our list. There are two new titles joining our testing this month: Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn.

Metro Exodus is the first game to fully support NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing technology. I can hear you saying that Battlefield V also had it. However, in Battlefield 5, Ray Tracing was only valid for reflections. Metro Exodus also uses Ray Tracing for lighting. In addition, the game also includes DLSS technology, but we will also consider this technology, which cannot meet the expectations visually, in the coming days. Still, we can say that Metro Exodus is the new Crysis. We have a game that challenges the systems incredibly.

Far Cry New Dawn is the new game in the series. Actually, maybe there is a game planned as DLC, we don’t know. But graphically, we can say that Far Cry 5 does not put anything extra on it. However, we take a look at how it will perform for those who want to play.

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