Russia-based cyber security distributor opened an office in Istanbul.

The worldwide size of the cyber security market, which gained momentum with the coronavirus epidemic, grew 7 times in 4 years and reached 167.13 billion dollars. In our country, nearly 120,000 cyber attacks were carried out in 2020. This picture turned the investment indicator of the sector players towards Turkey. Axoft, which has been chosen as the “best distributor” many times by global cyber security companies, has decided to open its new representative office in Turkey. The goal of the Russia-based company is to become one of the leading actors in the cyber security market in our country within three years.

One of the issues that the pandemic strengthened its throne was the use of the internet and digital tools. With the quarantines implemented against the epidemic and the transition to remote working order in many sectors, everything is solved in the digital environment, and cyber security attacks have become a regular part of our lives. The global cybersecurity market grew 7 times from 2016 to 2020, reaching $167.13 billion. In Turkey, according to the data of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, 118 thousand 470 cyber attacks and 36 thousand 242 malicious links were detected last year. While the growing cyber security market is increasing the investments of international players, Axoft, which provides services through the Cyber ​​Security Center of Excellence in Istanbul, decided to open a representative office. With its network of 1,500 suppliers and 4,500 business partners, the Russia-based company, which achieved a turnover of 300 million dollars in 2020, provides consultancy, procurement and implementation services for high-tech products in the field of cyber security.

Global cybersecurity companies named ‘best distributor’

Evgeny Kurtukov, Strategic Business Development Director of Axoft, made a statement on the subject and said, “We have been chosen as the best distributor many times by global players of the cyber security industry such as Kaspersky, Positive Technologies, Trend Micro, Palo Alto Networks. Since our establishment in 2009, we have been listed as the best IT distributor in the field of information security systems by America’s famous IT magazine CRN. We are happy to put our 12 years of experience at the service of Turkey after Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia. We aim to become one of the leading actors of the cyber security market in the country in three years.”

15 countries target in 5 years

Stating that they were entitled to receive the fastest growing distributor award worldwide from Kasperksy in 2019, Kurtukov also touched upon Axoft’s global targets: “We are evaluating organic and inorganic growth opportunities. We are working to expand our representations in 15 countries within 5 years at the latest. We deal with countries in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. We also plan to open our new Cyber ​​Security Center of Excellence in Southeast Asia.”

We offer the most up-to-date solutions to Turkey’s service

Nihat Dikçe, Turkey Business Development Manager of Axoft, made the following statements: “We offer the most up-to-date solutions such as Endpoint Security, Network Security, SCADA Security, Threat Management, Application Security, Security Operations Center to Turkey’s service. We will expand our service scope with new technological products every year. We still provide promotional and sales support to Positive Technologies, Immuniweb and LumoEye solutions. Our meetings with potential suppliers and technical evaluations with the manufacturers with whom we will cooperate in the field of cyber security continue rapidly.”

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