Samsung Completes 5 nm EUV Development Process

Samsung announced today that the 5 nm FinFET development process has been completed and customer samples are ready. Although the DRAM (Dynamic RAM) market is in decline, the company has added a new technology to its product range.

The general consensus in the semiconductor market is that Samsung will cede the leadership seat to Intel this year. Initial estimates for this came from IC Insights and Gartner. The problem with the DRAM market is that the demand has not reached the expected level despite the decrease in memory prices.


Samsung, on the other hand, chose to respond to these concerns with new products in this area. The following products are among the technologies released by the company in recent months.

  • First LPDDR5 SDRAM module
  • First eMRAM
  • First HBM2E compatible product
  • First third generation 10 nm class (1z-nm) 8GB DDR4 DRAM

The South Korean technology giant is also considering doubling its investments in its new factory in Hwaesong. In addition, the company has added 5 nm EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) technology to its list. Samsung said in a statement that it completed the 5 nm EUV process and compared it to the existing 7 nm processing technology: “It provides 25% more efficiency with 20% less energy consumption. It delivers 10% higher performance as a result of the standard cell architecture development process.”

The company also announced that most of its intellectual property rights can be reused. So this is; This means that customers will be able to benefit more from reduced transportation costs and a pre-approved design ecosystem, thus shortening the 5 nm product development process.

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