Samsung Ends Existing Headphone Technology

When we want to listen to something personally in today’s technology, we either have to insert earbuds that are not very comfortable in our ears, or we have to wear over-ear headphones that completely surround our head and cause headaches after a while. we stay What if we didn’t need both?


A group of developers, including Samsung, is working on a new audio technology. The technology puts speakers that are smaller and thinner than you’ve ever seen before, into a neckband or inside your clothes. More importantly, these speakers deliver loud sound that only you can hear. So the sound does not go outside.

This technology is still far from commercial presentation. But at CES 2018, a tech-related prototype was presented. The core technology used (ultrasonic modulation) is not a new technology. However, using it in this way may completely change headphone technology in the near or mid-term future.

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