Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date Delayed

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which attracted all the attention with its introduction on February 21, appeared as a tablet smartphone, which at first glance seemed to be designed very successfully and dressed in software. The screen problems of the Galaxy Fold, which was shared on social media in the past week and whose effects grew like an avalanche, seemed to cause the South Korean company to delay the release date of its foldable device for a month.


According to the news of The Wall Street Journal, it happened as expected. Samsung has clearly delayed the release date of its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone, at least until May. It is estimated that the biggest factor in the technology giant company’s decision to postpone this delay is that the devices sent to third parties for examination become unusable.

One of the breaking points in the decision to postpone was the formation of a bump on the folding part of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold device, examined by the American technology news and media network The Verge, which is mentioned in the world of technology. Stating that there is no permanent damage to the device, The Verge added that the formed lump disappears on its own after about an hour.


Most of the experts reviewing the Fold; On their official Twitter account, he stated that the foldable device stopped working in a day or two. Making a statement on this, Samsung said that some of the errors were caused by the removal of the protective film on the device.


However, other devices with a price tag of almost $2,000 and becoming dysfunctional suffered from a complete manufacturer’s fault. There is also information that Samsung, which has already canceled its China event, has also canceled its Spain and Singapore events.


In the delay to be experienced, the South Korean company is expected to spend a lot of time on its foldable smartphone and work to fix errors. The fact that Samsung has to cancel the Galaxy Fold, like the Galaxy Note 7 device, which it canceled due to an error in its battery, seems like a situation that Samsung would never want to happen.

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