Samsung Galaxy S11’s Code Name Revealed

Less than 3 months have passed since the South Korean technology industry giant launched its new flagship Galaxy S10, it was revealed with the announcement of the code name of the device on social media platforms that the company was working on the Galaxy S11 smartphone without slowing down.


As it is known from previous flagships, Samsung chose words that were pleasing to the eye instead of putting meaningless code names consisting of numbers and letters on their smartphones. The codename in question was ‘Dream’ for the Galaxy S8, ‘Star’ for the Galaxy S9 and ‘Dream’ for the Galaxy S10. According to the information revealed today, Samsung gave the new flagship Galaxy S11 the codename ‘Picasso’.


The choice of Samsung, which was thought to be suitable for such a name as a reference to Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter, sculptor and poet, was showered with admiration. The fact that the code name of the Galaxy Note 10, which will be announced in the coming months, is already known as ‘Da Vinci’ (Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci), confirms the information that has emerged.

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