Samsung Gaming Hub Released: Cloud Gaming from Television!

The CES 2022 event held at the beginning of January featured an exciting product for Samsung television owners. Samsung showed off at the event that it started to focus on the gaming world. Gaming Hub ‘ platform introduced. The platform promised to be able to play games on the cloud without any downloads.

Bringing the cloud gaming system we see on computers and mobile devices to televisions, Samsung’s Gaming Hub application was released today. 2022 Smart TVs and Smart MonitorThe service published for the series will also offer some advantages.

What does Gaming Hub offer?


Gaming Hub, which is available for use on Samsung televisions, offers users to play games. no extra hardware costs does not take off . Users can start playing any game added to the Gaming Hub at any time via Xbox Game Pass, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia or the soon-to-be-supported Amazon Luna.

In addition to these, Gaming Hub, Support for Bluetooth joysticks and wireless headsets will present. Users will be able to play games with ease with the devices supported by Gaming Hub. In addition, the image can be upgraded to 4K or 8K with the artificial intelligence-supported resolution increase in Samsung televisions.

You can click this link to browse Samsung’s TVs with Gaming Hub support.

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