Samsung Starts Production of 3nm Chips

Millions of transistors in chips, which are the most basic building blocks of technological devices, distance from each other and the number of these transistors directly affects the performance of the chip. Therefore, the world of technology continues to reduce the distance between the transistors on the chip and increase the number of transistors.

Nowadays, the distance between transistors is no longer to only 3 nanometers (nm) While it was starting to fall as low as possible, an important statement came from Samsung today. Foundry, Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing department, announced in its new announcement that 3 nm semiconductor chips have begun to be produced at its Hwaseong factory in South Korea.

23% better performance will be offered:


Samsung has also made a significant change in its new 3 nm chips. The company, which previously used FinFET as its transistor architecture, now GAA (Gate All Around) architecture shared that he will. The company reported that with this change in architecture, power efficiency will also increase.

According to Samsung’s statement, the new 3 nm chips are better than the previous generation 5 nm chips. 23% better performance and 45% less power consumption will present. However, the company shared that it will also offer 50% power efficiency and 30% better performance in second-generation 3 nm chips. Samsung will present the new production process to all its customers, such as Siemens and Cadence.

Samsung became the first chip manufacturer to implement the 3 nm manufacturing process.

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