Scene from Gamoe of Thrones that Confirms Jon Snow Theory

The legendary series of recent years, Game of Thrones; He had revealed many secrets about the Targeryens, the Starks, and other families. Even though the followers of the series know who Jon Snow’s parents are, there are still some clever scenes in the series that slowly reveal something. The rest of the article may contain spoilers, let’s take the friends who do not tolerate even the slightest spoiler to another news (for example, the following gift may be holiday news).

One of these scenes is from the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. The scene was shared on HBO’s social media channels, despite being shaved off in the series. After Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen board their dragons, for the first time in the series, someone else is seen riding one of these animals.


Jon Snow, “You finished horses for me, it was like you knew where I wanted to go.” I mean, these sentences were not included in the series. This is probably because actor Kit Harrington slipped on the ice right after. However, the fact that this scene was planned may add an angle that we do not know about the connection between the Targaryens and the dragons.

Followers of the series previously thought that dragons were mentally summoned by Daenerys. Drogon had come to rescue Daenerys, whom the Sons of the Harpy had cornered on the battlefield in Meereen.

This means dragons can be ruled by mental connection. The Targaryens can do it, but more importantly, Rhaegar Targaryen’s son and true heir to the throne can do it. You can watch the clip below. You can also see George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars series.

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