Scientists: We Should Store Our Feces in Banks

While it has even been discovered that human feces reverse the effects of aging, an important suggestion came from the scientific world today. Scientists usually ‘Clostridium Difficile’ infectionand the method of transplanting fecal bacteria, which is used to treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, could be used against more diseases.

There is an obstacle to the spread of the fecal bacteria transfer process: The feces taken from healthy people may be insufficient. This is why scientists collection of feces when young and healthyand suggests it should be stored for future benefits.

Fecal bacteria can be used for many treatments:


In fact, this idea had been put into practice by some organizations long ago. Basically ‘ stool bank The first of these structures, which is ‘, was established by OpenBiome in 2012. Since then, similar facilities have been established in some regions around the world. But the purpose of establishing these facilities was not for the future of transport operations.

With the establishment of more stool banks, scientists also should be restructured states. Scientists state that the transplant method can be used for asthma, diabetes, obesity and even heart diseases. The research was published in Trends in Molecular Medicine.

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