Secure Your Digital Devices Before You Go On Vacation

This year, there is a nine-day holiday on Eid al-Fitr. Reviewing your computer and mobile devices before you set off on vacation will be beneficial for a peaceful holiday. Antivirus and internet security organization ESET recommends digital spring cleaning for higher performance and safer computer, phone and tablet use.

Here are 8 tips for spring cleaning:

  • Change password: Our passwords and passwords continue to be one of the most important security shields against cyber attacks. Therefore, do not be lazy; Renew the passwords you use in your e-mails, social media, shopping and banking transactions. Create your passwords not as simple as “123456”, but as complex letters and numbers.
  • Treat your phone like a computer: We are now connected to the Internet from the phone. We are always online thanks to our phones. Cybercriminals are well aware of this. Almost all cyber threats against computers are now adapted to phones and tablets, and even phone-specific attacks have developed. So treat your phone like a computer and protect it with a mobile security software.
  • Empty the desktop: Start your spring cleaning by cleaning the computer desktop first. Delete unnecessary files, uninstall programs you do not use from the “Uninstall a Program” section in the control panel. Clean up your temporary files, then empty the trash. Do the same with your tablets and phones. Delete unnecessary applications that take up space and suck performance.
  • Back up: Be sure to back up important data and photos to another digital media or device. Thus, when your computer, tablet or smartphone is broken or lost, you will not lose your data.
  • Update: Pay attention to the update warnings for both the operating system and the software you use, and do not neglect to install system patches. Vulnerabilities in the operating system are considered by cybercriminals as an important virus infection tool.
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software: Every day, 350 thousand new viruses are released into the digital world. You cannot fight alone. Up-to-date and licensed security software helps protect you against the latest attacks.
  • Scan external memory like USB, SD card: Check the external memory, which may be a carrier for viruses, with an up-to-date virus scanner, and if there is any malware, clean it. These memories make life very easy and are used a lot, but this is exactly why cybercriminals like to use portable memory sticks as a means of infection often.
  • Enable dual factor protection: By enabling two-step authentication, you can access each of your online accounts with a special and second password, thus providing more secure access. While Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide this opportunity to their individual users, ESET also offers this service with its Secure Authentication software.

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