Similarities Between Game of Thrones and Shrek

Game of Thrones has ended its 8 season adventure. Consisting of 8 seasons, the series has left behind many things that will remain in our minds, for better or for worse. According to Twitter user “ohmytargaryen”, one of the things that comes to mind from Game of Thrones may be its resemblance to Shrek. The dragon, the king, the princess, as if somewhat reminiscent.

The likeness of Prince Charming and Jamie in Shrek. It’s also a coincidence that Shrek and The Hound’s clothing styles are similar.

While the dragon in Shrek protected the princess, the dragons in Game of Thrones also protected Dany.

Puss in Boots and Arya. Both are fast-moving assassins with small swords.

Podrick’s resemblance to Shrek’s after transformation.

Are there any similarities that catch your eye? If there is, you can share it with us in the comments.

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